This is what a douche's e-mail looks like.

So…that’s my e-mail. That’s where you send all your queries, your complaints, your suggestions, your death threats, your love letters, everything. Just throw it all in, it’s like a garbage bin!

Sometimes I might not be able to answer right away, or answer at all! Wanna know why? Because I hate you! <3 And I might be busy with work and OTHER MATTERS. Do you think this shit comic is the only thing I do with my life? Get real, you moron.

Oh! And finally, if you disagree with the political, social, cultural or musical views of the characters, well… It’s the character’s opinion, and that character isn’t real. And no, before you say it, these characters don’t express my points of view regarding anything.

Cough…and finally finally, allow me to thank you; yes, you, dear reader, for coming here to this dark and hidden corner of the Internet and reading this crap comic every time I come up with something new.
I might come off like an asshole, but I really appreciate the support. Thanks a bunch!

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  1. dexter

    podrias personificarme en caricatura????

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