Jun 23Lets Get Out
Apr 28O Fortuna En
Apr 20Kiss and Cry
Mar 17Grand 1st Place – Ricardo Álvara
Mar 142nd Place – Zirta
Mar 123rd place – Blak-d3ath
Mar 10Tender Sugar En
Mar 2Pictures Of You
Feb 24Dance Of The Awkward
Feb 17Not Your Idea Of A Good Time
Feb 7Moment In Time En
Feb 1Have I Mentioned En
Jan 26A Southern Thang
Jan 21The Last Thing You Should En
Jan 17Crunchy Filler
Jan 11Alarm Call
Jan 6Horses In The Sky
Jan 1Anniversary Contest Update


Dec 27Child’s Play
Dec 24Cherry Mristmas
Dec 20Hate Without Frontiers
Dec 15Past Forward IV
Dec 10Past Forward III
Dec 7Past Forward II
Dec 4Happy First Birthday!!
Dec 2Past Forward I
Nov 28The Book Of Right On
Nov 24Phallic Tantrum
Nov 21Prevent This Tragedy
Nov 20Filler – Because You’re All Special
Nov 17Nothing To Do With You
Nov 14The Anniversary Contest
Nov 12The Way I See You
Nov 9So Like A Rose
Nov 6Here With Me
Nov 3Unfinished Sympathy
Oct 30Spotlight
Oct 29Homesick
Oct 26Too Little Too Late
Oct 20Fanart Filler
Oct 17Caught In A Whisper
Oct 15Blue Smile
Oct 10Scarlett Ribbon
Oct 6Assault
Oct 3Another Morning
Sep 29O Just Suppose
Sep 25Dear Friends
Sep 22Im A Cuckoo
Sep 17The Package Part 2
Sep 13The Package Part 1
Sep 9A Little Yearning
Sep 4En Gallop
Aug 31Really That Bad?
Aug 29Why Don’t You Come Over?
Aug 26I I E E E
Aug 21Painted Windows
Aug 15So Much For The Fourth Wall
Aug 8Blow By Blow
Jul 30Conspiracy Theory
Jul 26A Snag In My Collection Of Dreams
Jul 22Our Hell Is A Good Life
Jul 17Fashionably Uninvited
Jul 12A Squirrel And I
Jul 7Anyone Who Had A Heart
Jul 3Sprout And The Bean
Jun 25Gone Too Soon (or Blue Screen Of Death)
Jun 21Devil In My Life (part 2)
Jun 14Devil In My Life (part 1)
Jun 6Filler (Do You Believe…?)
May 31Party Weirdo
May 22People Are So Unpredictable
May 16Step Into My Office, Baby
May 7Silence Is Golden
May 4Imagine (It Isn’t Hard To Do)
Apr 28Playground Love
Apr 24Happy Home
Apr 20Moar Filler (Cyberstage Fright)
Apr 12Ladies And Gentlemen, Miss Lau Jones
Apr 3Gil’s Birthday (You’re Born Naked, The Rest Is Drag)
Mar 29Shoehorn With Teeth
Mar 22Femme Fatale
Mar 16Space Dementia
Mar 13Filler (Computer Rage)
Mar 12Filler (Zelda Stuff)
Mar 7Filler (I’m Gonna Get Sued For This)
Feb 28The Borderline
Feb 21Homeless Whisky
Feb 19Filler Again
Feb 7Refuge Of The Roads
Jan 31Intermission
Jan 15Familiar Feeling
Jan 8Trouble Child


Dec 27Sexy Little Girl Princess
Dec 24Happy Holidays
Dec 18Blue Boy
Dec 11Know Who You Are At Every Age
Dec 7Intro – Part 4
Dec 6Intro – Part 3
Dec 5Intro – Part 2
Dec 4Intro – Part 1