Grand 1st Place – Ricardo Álvara


This is it.

The final, and first, huge prize goes for Ricardo Álvara, who sent me this very awesome webcomic that was focused on Sara’s crush, a topic that hasn’t been touched for a while, but is a very important plot element. Anyways, I loved pretty much everything about his entry. Even if he changed some of the characters’ looks, I think the way he portrayed them represents their personalities very well, and well, I loved his work on the expressions, the dialogue, and well, pretty much everything. This is why the first prize goes to him, I hope you like it as much as I did!

I’m not sure if it’ll work, but i’ll try uploading the original image size hoping that you will be able to click on it and not see it super small. I still have to figure out how to make it fit in and letting you guys read the small letters (that was the only drawback!!). In the meantime, you can just right click on the image and go to “View image” or something like that, and you will be able to see it full-sized C:.

But anyways, congratulations, Ricardo, and well, actually congratulations to everyone who sent me an entry, I loved them all, they all made me laugh so much, and they were all so well done. I love you all ;n;

As Gil mentioned yesterday, I still haven’t got access to a stable internet connection (right now I’m at a cafe that’s close to my work, but it’s like midnight xD), so I might not be updating in a whiiiile. I’m not sure when I’ll get internet at home, but I’ll work on some strips so that when I have the chance I will upload some scheduled posts and the like, okay?
I’ll be seeing you around, awesomesaucers, miss me a lot!!

Once again, congratulations, Ricardo, and thank you SO much for joining us in this trip Cx.

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  1. yukime ichihara

    lastima lo de las actualizaciones

  2. Sara

    Awesome, man! At least someone got my hair cut right. NOT YOU, FERN. … bitch.

    😛 By the way, I’m still crushed you didn’t include my comic. Can you add it as an honourary nominee? XDDDD

  3. Ryken

    Es Ricardo Alvarado ghhh xD *visiten mi pagina! <— ejem!*
    Y diganme Ryken :3 (como no se me ocurrió darte mi nick y mi pagina, duh! xD)

    Primero que nada: ¡¡GRACIAS!! no sé como expresar esa felicidad de saber que gané :3.
    La verdad es que no esperaba que ganara, estaba con la gota gorda viendo cuando actualizarías, pero ahora… YAY!! . Je, y nada más decirte que ha sido un gusto haber hecho esta tira, *snif snif* y si, lamento como dinosaurio extinto el no haberme concentrado mejor en el tamaño de los textos (incluso hay un error otrográfico), de hecho ese siempre ha sido mi talón de aquiles, y pensé que no ganaría por esa falencia, así que me disculpo por eso <:)
    En fin, disfruté y reí con tus personajes, espero que sigas adelante con 4cc
    saludos, nos leemos!! 🙂

  4. Ei_Kei

    Muchas felicidades Ricardo <3 muy merecido, conociendo a fer creí que el del primer lugar sería el del dinosaurio omg'

  5. Alejandro Altamirano

    Pues mis felicitaciones al Ric! Espero mas concursos, fue divertido participar 0_O

  6. guzman6001 / Reprasol

    :s Esto está cada día mejor!!! 😀

  7. bahzero99

    Bachelordom, it makes you dream strange things…

  8. Dragon_Paragon

    Huh. o.o

    For some reason, I always thought Sara’s worst nightmare would include flying horseshoe crabs that shot lasers from their beady little eyes.

  9. Thaylien


    [Sniff] My entry didn’t even make it into the top three… Oh well, congrats to the winner, and great competition everyone!!

  10. AtZiRi

    WoOoW stuvo increible jaja y pss si muxas felicidades RiCaRdO
    jeje yo no soy muy bna dibujando asi k pss no participe pro m hubier gustado muxo jaja

  11. Zirta

    Felicidades, Ryken! Me encanta la carita de Sara al final 😀

  12. Ryken

    Jo, gracias chicos por los comentarios, de verdad se agradece!!
    Y gracias Zirta!! de verdad que ha sido un honor haber participado contigo en esto :3

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