3rd place – Blak-d3ath


Third place goes for the very pleasant Blak-D3ath with her completely and adorable non-sensical strip. The thing I loved the most about this one is that it doesn’t even try to explain anything. It’s like “Oh yeah, I was listening to the ocean in a seashell AND THEN THERE WERE DINOSAURS”. This made her win about 4 internets.
Also, there’s a Lau Cruise face. You can’t not love that..

So, here is the winner for the 3rd place for our Anniversary contest, congratulate her all of you!

Next update on Sunday with the 2nd place 8D!

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  1. Ei_Kei

    pretty cool <3

  2. Keint

    El enlace a su deviant esta mal escrito, tiene una “e” de sobra =)

  3. ziRta

    It’s AWESOME! Totalmente 4CC 😀 Felicidades!

  4. Darky

    No vuelvo a ponerme una seashell en el oido para escuchar el mar…

  5. allari

    Cuantos competidores hay? ni enterado estaba del asunto jeje

  6. guzman6001 / Reprasol

    It’s too random 4me xD
    Too too random xD
    jo jo jo
    (y) I like it 😀

  7. Dragon_Paragon

    CONFIGULATIONS! You have the winning of the internets brought to your household! Praise Tarnop!

  8. Alejandro Altamirano

    örales! Muy original!

    No puedo esperar! me comen las ansias!!! Estaremos atentos! °_°

  9. juanele

    ja ja ja toda sin sentido

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