Dance Of The Awkward

Omg I’m a terrible person. How dare I recycle a joke after almost a month of inactivity. :’D!!

But anyways. First week of work is done, guise. I’m trying to get back to my normal cycle of living, but it’s kinda hard to get used to and stuff. Hadn’t had that kind of out-of-home responsibility in a while, haha. But anyways, I’ll get new strips ON TIME NOW.

So like, yeah, that contest, I dunno if you remember it…you probably don’t.

Wanna know who won?



Song of the Week: Akira Yamaoka ft. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn – One More Soul to the Call

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  1. wirthoge

    Debo decir que me encanta tu webcomic, uno de los mejores que he leido, en mi opinion le gana a varios webcomiqueros consagrados, se que es solo una opinion personal, pero tus personajes son divertidos, y creo que me siento un poco identificado con Cambel en su actitud y su forma de ser.

    Pase el tiempo que pase siempre me tendras de lector, y habria entrado al concurso si la gente no se derritiera como los nazis en los cazadores del arca perdida cada vez que ve mis dibujos, sigue asiendo tu comic, me encanta.

    A proposito, la cancion de esta semana… Buenisima

  2. Sara

    I won it. I know I did.

  3. Licos


  4. Zeo


  5. bahzero99

    Not only did you recycled gags, you did it from the strip before this one! for shame…

  6. Thaylien

    Wait… you script this stuff?!

    How the heck do you script 4Calendar? That’s… semi-impossible… at least…

  7. R. Muffin

    so.. who won?

  8. Dragon_Paragon



  9. Dragon_Paragon

    Wait, hang on.

    How the hell can Lau and Bel be so blazee about an abandoned military base?

    For that matter, why is Seth not uncovering decommissioned tanks so that he may DESTROY?!

  10. Armando

    Welcome back to the land of the living

  11. Alejandro Altamirano

    Buena suerte en tu trabajo!

    ¡Yo si quiero saber que paso con el concurso!!! Mandé dos trabajos!!!!

    Saludos, me encanta este web…

  12. Alejandro Altamirano

    ¡A mi si me interesa saber que ´pasó con el concurso!!! Mandé dos trabajos!!! °_°_

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