Not Your Idea Of A Good Time



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  1. ziRta

    There, there *pokes with a stick and runs away with Fern’s money :mrgreen:

  2. Zeo

    Lo gracioso es que en realidad ASI duerme XDDD

  3. Niraq

    XD pero erees taaaaaaaaaaan mono aun dormido como zombie muerto ºvº b

  4. Dragon_Paragon

    Seth? SETH! Come see this quickly! You’re gonna forget all about that tree!

    Also, bring a marker. He’s asleep.

  5. Greg

    Get well soon??

  6. Kael

    Con el tiempo se hace ritmo
    por cierto ya probaste el metro de aqui? (evilface)

    • Fern

      Haha lo sé!

      Y si, es tan…..inutil :’D

  7. Thaylien

    Quick, get me a shot of adrenaline, and a defib now! [OW!] No! For the flatline artist over there! Don’t just stick needles in me at ran-[GNURK!!] AND THAT DEFIB WAS FOR THE ARTIST TOO!!

    Honestly, who just defibrilates the doctor? Grammar nazis…

  8. ziRta

    You could publish your favourite guestcomics from the contest *hint hint*
    We miiiiss you, man! *_*

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