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Hey guys. The contest ended last night, got anything you wanted to submit? :’D

Song of the Week: Akira Yamaoka + Mary Elizabeth McGlynn – Acceptance

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  1. Wojtek

    Photographer by day, superhero by night.

  2. bahzero99

    Just don’t tell anyone he’s got a FA account…

    Oops too late.

  3. ziRta

    Field trip! >o< Awwww…
    Lau and Bel under a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

  4. Tonchi

    Es como Chandler!!!! D:

    Que no recuerdo que hace chandler 😛

  5. Ryken

    jojo, vaya, se viene un aaaarco 😀
    Si no saben que es fotógrafo, no sería de extrañar que recuerden su nombre xD
    Y por suerte alcancé a entrar un día antes del fin del contest, por poquito 😛

  6. Thaylien

    Bel… I can see… great embarrassment and humiliation in your future… The Cards predict romance, the Crystal tells of success in work, while the Bones foretell that taking photos of the character-of-your-dreams-made-real will only lead to blackmail from your friends.

  7. Ei_Kei

    hahahaha es bien contemporáneo seguramente, tomará fotos de lau con mermelada en los pechos omg’

  8. Tonchi

    So… he works for like the “adult but classy” version of National Geographic?

  9. KaoZWOLF

    Muy buen webcomic 😛 ya leí todas, me late el estilo del dibujo y muchos chistes de 4chan XD a ver a donde va toda la historia 🙂

  10. D.Schneider

    Awesome song of the week, and i still dont know what tonchi does for living…

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