A Southern Thang

Oh Gene, that overconfidence won’t get you nowhere,

This strip suffered from a terrible writer’s block. I had no idea what to do with it, but in the end I came up with the sickest thing I could |D.

I KNOW I SAY THIS ALMOST EVERY TIME I UPDATE, but I want you all to pay attention to Gil’s colorwork on this strip. IT’S AWESOME. Specially that background in the last panel. I luv me sum Gil <3. Guuyyyys, there are roughly 5 days left for the anniversary contest, so, what are you gonna do about that? I'LL TELL YOU WHAT. Draw.

It’s been my first week away from home. So far so good C:. I hope you all are having a good time!

Song of the Week: F.U.N. – Be Calm

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  1. Wojtek

    commencing the shipping of Gene and Seth


    • Fern



      Except for the author’s notes on the matter.

  2. Armando

    Disturbed about the last panel and the alt text.

  3. Greg

    Why, it’s Senator Scott Brown of Massachusets, doing a follow-up to his Cosmo centerfold.

  4. Zeo


    No mame omg’ el GeneXSeth es casi tan enfermo como el SaraXLau XDDDD comenzaremos a hacer pendejadas como en naruto como “el Geneth” y el “Sarau” XDDD

    • ziRta

      Ahahahahahhaha LOL! xDD Geneth y Sarau FTW! >o<

      Fer, dude, your ALT texts are even more disturbing that the comic xDD

  5. Alejandro Altamirano

    Acabé a las 10 y a las 11 de la noche, peró acabé y las mandé

  6. ric

    Ya no hay ritos como ese

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