Crunchy Filler

This is a TRUE STORY.

No but seriously, I apologize for the complete lack of an update this time, guys. I swear I have a good reason :C.

I’m gonna be moving to another city on Monday, for good, you know. So yeah, I’ve been sort of really busy and tired these days. I was able to semi finish the lineart for the next strip, but then Gil is on vacation and we haven’t talked in like 2 days |D. Honestly, I don’t have the time to make a full strip by myself right now, so I’ll just leave you with this stupid filler :C. Once Gil comes back and I’m settled in the updates will be as regular (or irregular) as they’ve always been, I promise!

For now, you’ll just have to laugh at my untimely demise, as portrayed above C:.

Well, see ya soon, boys and gurls!

Oh oh, and don’t forget the anniversary contest! 11 days left!!


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  1. KioshiDhampir

    Bitch… T.T

  2. rose-rayne

    :giggle: I really like the second panel! I hope everything goes alright in your move. <3

  3. bahzero99


  4. Zeo


    y a ud

  5. BRUVA

    BRUVA, post this on dA.
    I want to fav this SO HARD D8<

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