Alarm Call

Guys, guess what?

I just turned 20 years old :’D. On the 10th at 1:something am. Yep, that’s right. I’M NO TEENAGER ANYMORE, now I’m officially a young adult. And you know how that feels?

It makes my ass itch a bit.
Anyways, there was partying and dinning on my side, and being ill with allergies on Gil’s side. We just CAN’T GET ONE ON FUCKING TIME, DAMMIT. But yeah, I WANT YOU ALL TO BE VERY ATTENTIVE OF TODAY’S COLOR PALETTE. Why? Because Gil did a fucking awesome job on it. Go on, admit it, it looks COOL. IT’S HIS FIRST NIGHTSCENE ON BOARD!! Oh, they grow up so fast ;n;
And I guess I do too. Dammit, I’m becoming a dinosaaauuurrr [/bimbo].

Oh look, a very nostaligic song of the week!
Tori Amos – Gold Dust (live).

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  1. R. Muffin

    Primero 😀

    Feliz cumpleaños xD

    SIp. Le quedo muy bien

  2. juanele

    está uste ruco

  3. Ric Reyes

    ¡uy, senil¡ 😀 ¡felicidades!

  4. Estivalia

    basado en experincias de la vida real? xD

  5. Greg

    Happy birthday. Talk to me about dinosaurs when you turn 40.

  6. D.Schneider

    Tienes 20 ????????????????????????????? Soy tan pinche viejo…

  7. Kael

    sapo verde eres tu

  8. Patrick Rodriguez

    Nice night scene *thumbs-up*

    also…you’re gonna be feeling pretty old in the next few weeks.

  9. bahzero99

    Otone tolonte cojuelante saire deniro caneko gubentu geieben.

    • Tonchi

      Jajajaja, su comment se fué a spam, y lo peor, el Fern ni en cuenta 😛

      Supongo que el wordpress pensó que era ruso o no se, algo así.

      • bahzero99

        Pinche wordpress, hay que ponerlo a ver los PSAs de GI Joe 😐

  10. Armando

    Some Seth has rubbed off on Gene…
    and happy birthday!

  11. rose-rayne

    Happy birthday! I turned 20 in August and I assure you it’s not much different than being 19. xD

  12. Obsidianmoonlight

    Hi – just found this comic today, read the whole thing and gutted there’s no more – really loved it! Can’t wait for more 🙂

  13. Zelgadis1983

    ¡¡Feliz cumple!! (atrasado pero bueno) xd

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