Horses In The Sky

Oh maaaannnn, this strip came so late ;n;. I’m so sorry, it’s my fault this time. ACTUALLY GIL WAS A GREAT COLORIST AND HAD IT DONE BY YESTERDAY MORNING but I’m a horrible human being and I wasn’t home for a couple days, doing social stuff.

What the hell is wrong with me.

So anyways, this strip has random cameos of some friends and friends’ characters, but I won’t necessarily say who, HO HO.

So anyways, yeah. Sara is totally awesome.

Oh by the way, guys. I watched Avatar yesterday. It was okay. The visual FX were top notch. The story…eeeeeh, yeah whatever.
I also watched 2012 :’DDD oh god what a bad movie, but it’s so entertaining for its lack of any mental challenge.


Song of the Week: José Norman (ft. Jim Carrey) – Cuban Pete

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  1. bahzero99

    Two words: Fail Whale

  2. bahzero99

    Also either you or comicpress fucked up the translation…

  3. Ei_Kei

    Las percusiones con el pene son la onda!

  4. Kael

    Tengo el presentimiento de que vere Avatar y dire lo mismo que tu de 2012. El domingo te digo.

  5. Wojtek
  6. juanele

    ja ja ja ja la onda!

  7. Greg

    The last panel is classic! Awesome strip.

  8. Real life Sara

    I wanna see what she diiiiiiiiddd to the guy, Ferrrrrrrrrrn! >:c

  9. Zelgadis1983

    Sí, mejor que no vaya con ella… XD

  10. Armando

    Who still uses a corded phone outside an office??

  11. grandchild

    hehe! hilarious expressions in the last panel…

    i agree with you 100% on both movies by the way 😀

  12. Person

    Is that irritated gentleman behind them Bob by any chance?

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