Cherry Mristmas

WELL…another year gone by, another Holiday times we’re online. This is the second Christmas we’ve been around to wish you a Merry one, and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last one. Unless something happens and I die, but let’s hope not :’D.

Oh come on, guys, you love dude on dude action. DON’T YOU DARE DENYING IT.

Anyways, I wanna wish you all the best, mah peers. You know we love you, and we’re very happy to know we’re getting more readers as time passes. It’s almost new year’s too, which is always kind of scary if you think about it! But oh well, one listen to Joni Mitchell’s “The Circle Game” and everything in your head gets back in its right place. A truer song has never been written, I tell ya.
I’ll be heading to bed now, it’s been a long day, and it’s already dawn, haha. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, so you better enjoy your family’s company and all that. For me, it’s the only chance I get to see all of my cousins who live far away, and also my favorite nephew, who is the most adorable kid in the world. And nothing you say will change that >:l. I know some of you probably hate Christmas, and I don’t blame you, everyone has their reasons, but I’ll wish you a good time all the same, and of course, I also wish you my very best for next year! I’ve known of many people that have had some of the hardest times ever during 2009, so here’s hoping 2010 will bring a lot of new changes and challenges for all of us to grow stronger and wiser, and of course, happier.
See ya all later, peeps, I’m gonna go stuff myself on my aunts’ delicious cookings 8D.

Song of the Week: Joni Mitchell – The Circle Game

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  1. Ei_Kei

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Sara es la onda XD

    Felliz Navidad a todos en 4CC ^^ cariñosos eikeiosos para todos TOT

  2. ziRta

    La tercer viñeta no tiene precio xDD JAjajajajajaja!

  3. Sara

    Alllllllllllllllll riiigght! my kind of Christmas!

  4. Sara

    ps Circle Game = <3

  5. Greg

    Soooo mean.

  6. Kael

    Lo curioso es que los dos se sonrojaron.

  7. Quelscar

    Yup gotta love guy on guy action XD

  8. BRUVA


  9. Geo

    Gene y Seth van a terminar juntos jajajaja!

  10. Darky

    Yay, fanservice para el publico no-buga =D

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