Hate Without Frontiers

Sup guys.

Well, as you can see, Gil and I are trying new stuff with the comic, obviously, with the artwork. He’s been practicing new ways of shading and, as for me, my participation in the DeviantDead tourney over at deviantART has encouraged me to try more daring stuff at sequential art, which I thought would be nice applying to 4CC. The flashback arc was a bit more like this too, but with this strip we have both gone full in. The way I draw each panel from sketch to finish has changed, and Gil’s color palette has also morphed too. We hope you like the result! I personally think it looks very pretty :’D. We probably have to work on making the characters jump from the background more, stuff like that. We’re just starting to try and make things look better.
I have to say I am very pleased with how this strip turned out, even if it contrasts a bit with the rest of the comic, specially talking about colors. Gil is learning to do stuff very well, and I’m really happy he caught on this fast! So Zirta, Juanele and Quetzal, all of them Mexican webcomic authors who gave a brief conference on webcomics. It was nice hearing their very differing views for very different webcomic styles! After that, a veteran in the Mexican comic industry, Remy Bastian, gave a conference by himself on his experience on the field, and it gave me a LOT of ideas I could use for 4our-Calendar Cafe, not only to promote it much more, but also to take this story beyond just the internet. So I think this year will be a good year for 4our-Calendar Cafe. Gil and I are already talking about some new projects, so be expectant!

Song of the Week: Björk – Undo

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  1. bahzero99

    Oh shit I just noticed I forgot to add several details on this strip 🙁

  2. jono

    Strip looks awesome : D
    I never really comment when I read comics, but I gotta say, this one’s lookin’ pretty sweet.
    You can see a real progression when you scroll through the archives

  3. Wojtek

    I spy with my little eye a trope title.

  4. TheNinjaBassist

    Gasp! They finally have five fingers! Good work, as usual 🙂

    • Tonchi

      OMFG, thats true, they must suffer from SFG (spontaneous finger growth)

    • Fern

      Actually they’ve had five fingers for about 6 strips or so now XD

  5. Tonchi

    Quedó retebonito :’ D

    Felicidades a Gil y a Fern, la verdá les quedó bien chidillo

  6. Ei_Kei

    <3333 ps a mi si me gusta el nuevo estilo XDDDD
    ohhhhh si el 2010 será un mejor año en todos los sentidos y 4CC saldrá publicado en algún lugar, no inmundo desde luego D=, ohhh si y yo me encargaré de que sea comprado por todo aquel que conozca ; )

  7. D.Schneider

    La verdad si aguanta bastante, y sobre todo lo de los angulos se ve muy bien.

  8. Armando

    Congrats on the mixing up of scenes, angles and “camera movement”. I know how hard it is to put the extra effort on the top-down perspective and that kind of angles on the strip. I do think you are doing something weird with the expressions, specially Cambel’s face in the last two panels — I get you are trying to do something dynamic, but it feels too harsh/rubbery. Just be sure to strike a balance there. The palette looks interesting, but as with any change, it will probably take some time to get used to. Congrats again on everything you are experimenting with 🙂

  9. Duo

    u___u mi cumpleaños

  10. Zelgadis1983

    Ya tienes un fan nuevo! Me encanta 4our Calendar Cafe! A ver si saco tiempo un día de estos y os hago un fanart o un guestcomic! 😀


  11. MürdokHeras

    Fernando… !! no había visto 4CC antes.. y ahorita de golpe me aventé todos los que has posteado.. esta bien chido el concepto y puedo imaginarte haciendo las expresiones orates de tus personajes.. Felicidades!!! será interesante ver cómo llevas la historia.. de repente te sale el lado ñoño y cursi que pocos autores se atreven a exponer y eso esta chido.. so que? XD .. bueno.. un saludote y estaré al tanto de cómo continua todo.

    • Fern

      Hahahaahha, muchas gracias Chava. Espero que el curso que tome la historia sea uno bueno. Y pues sí, en realidad no me da cosa poner cosas cursis y ñoñas porque este comic es de las únicas historias positivas y felices que tengo XD, y a todos los enternece la ñoñada <3

  12. ziRta

    Ese Fern! Un placer haberte conocido el pasado fin de semana! Tienes que unirte a http://webcomics.es para que más lectores hispanohablantes conozcan tu webcómic, triunfas seguro! Saludos! ^___^

  13. Kael

    Aventuras EN EL ESPACIO

    Siento que has estado leyendo tvtropes pero n ose porque

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