Happy First Birthday!!


We’re officially a settled webcomic. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I started this project, pretty much on my own at first, but along the way some people have joined me on the road C:.

I don’t know how to begin to thank everyone that’s helped me and encouraged me to make this possible. 4our-Calendar Cafe has a funny story that takes me about 5 or 6 years back. It was all supposed to be a videogame parody comic with various characters coming out of the TV and bringing chaos with their shennanigans. Characters like Link from The Legend of Zelda (who was sort of the main-ish character), Vanessa from King of Fighters, the beloved Mario, Samus Aran, Cloud Strife, Master Chief, Sonic the Hedgehog, SNAKE… ah, yep, those were good times. There are actually about 30 strips in pencil that developed that story, which used to be called Stock-Pot House, in reference to the hotel in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

But time passed, and I dropped that project. And you know, I’m glad I did. Things have changed a lot in my life, in pretty much every way. That’s probably why 4our-Calendar Cafe ended up being what it is today. The changes Stock-Pot House went through to become this are all a reflection of the changes my life went through, and I think these changes were for the better in both cases. The structure is basically the same, but the way the plot and, most importantly, the characters have turned out (and will develop in the future) is something I’m really happy, hopeful, and eager about.

Now, my baby’s one year old. It’s been out there for a whole freaking year, and just now am I realizing that, you know, you guys have been reading it. People have actually been reading this, and that is amazing. It may not be a huge mass, but fuck it, I’ve got some very encouraging and sweet words from random strangers, and you know, I never thought that feeling would be so great!
If anything, I have to thank all of you for keeping this webcomic alive and not letting it gather dust in this lonely corner of the internet, and also for telling me all those words that have kept me at it. I promise I won’t disappoint any of you C:

Anyhow, now I want to write something very very very important. There are two people I have to thank the most, for without them it would have been impossible for me to go on with this. First, I want to thank my webmaster, Tonchi. Not only is he an incredible programmer with impressive skill, but he is always willing to make my whims come true. He’s always accesible and he’s always great, let’s not even talk about how freaking good his work is. As you can see on the page, everything’s top notch, and all of that is thanks to him. I provide you all with the story and the pictures every week, but he was the one who built this little house you all can call home, and he keeps making it better when it’s needed.
Second comes a little someone that started out as just a colorist, maybe neither of us though it would mean much, but as time has passed, he has become much more than that. Specially during the last few days I realized that Gil, the guy that gives life to my lines with the colors you see every week, is probably one of the most important elements in all of this. He’s always supported me, he’s always helped me, and he’s always willing to sacrifice his own time for 4our-Calendar Cafe. Not only that, he’s been an incredible friend, and definitely one of the few people I can completely and blindly trust, and one of the even fewer people that have served as my life support. Gil, let the world know it, you’re one hell of a guy, and an even bigger hell of a friend.
I think I’m very lucky to have this team with me, and, both of you, you have no idea how grateful I am, despite sometimes looking like a very demanding douche, I really really appreciate everything you’ve helped me with, you have no idea, and I hope you guys never jump ship, cause that would definitely be an incredibly hard blow for me.
Lastly, I want to thank a very special friend with whom I’ve clicked during this year, who has been 4our-Calendar Cafe’s declared number 1 fan and helper/advisor when needed. She’s always encouraging me and helping me when I hit a dead end, and she’s also the only person to ever draw fanart from the comic! That is my friend Grace, known by most as Koi. During the day you’ll see the surprise I’ve talked about during all of this month, and that surprise was actually possible all thanks to her. Thanks for always being there, and for being so reliable, Grace. <3

Well, look at that, this post is so long already!! I think it’s time for me to stop typing, hahaha. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE SITE AT NOON, THERE WILL BE SURPRISES, YES.

See you all sometime this week, guys, and once again, thank you very very much for everything. You guys are the best of the best <3.


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  1. Zeo



    El primero de muchos! <3

  2. Peke

    FELICIDADEEEEEEES X3333333333333

    Que cumpla muchos mas >3

    Mucha suerte y sigale asi x3

  3. Kael

    Santos Pasteles Fotorealistas Batman!

  4. Kael

    Creo que no aparecio mi anterior comentario

  5. Kael

    Santos pasteles fotorrealistas batman!
    Bueno ahora si en serio, muchas felicidades a los chavos detras del webcomic, a los que conozco y a los que no, han hecho un trabajo muy bueno!

  6. Dragon_Paragon


    I have something I need to tell you. It’s…about time you knew the truth.

    You are actually the heir to the throne of Spain.

    The current king, King Douche deScheme III, plans to assassinate you so he can continue to rule Spain with a moderately Socialist fist. You must stop him and reclaim your destiny!

  7. JARP01

    Felicidades carnal. Lo siento si a lo largo de este año no pude comentar mis ideas y comentarios en cada pagina del comic, pero creeme que cuando he podido lo sigo y estoy atónito porque un año más se fue como si nada. Disfruta este día tan especial para ti y tu comic y preparate porque ahí vienen más. Muchas felicidades! Ahora sigue la fiesta! ^^

  8. JARP01

    Also, the cake is a lie

  9. JARP01

    Also, spoilers

  10. Pongie

    un pastel y un reinado! Que buena onda de aniversario 😉

  11. ei_kei

    おめでとうございます!!!!!!!!! Muchas felicidades TOT que tengas más éxito y muchos años más =)

  12. Greg

    Congrats on a full year. Just read your archive (on a recommendation from Armando at “Atomic Cafe”). Entertaining.

  13. Greg

    Oops, that was Armando at “Atomic Laundromat”. Sorry, brain fart.

  14. bahzero99

    ok pero…
    *teary eyes* ; -;

  15. Tonchi

    Snif, crecen tan rápido ;_;

  16. koi

    ay no mame >3> lo amoooooo no me tenia q mencionar ya sabe q siempre estoy a la orden y por 4CC LO QUE SEA!!! happy birthday crazy guys <3

  17. ei_kei

    Para festejar propongo EnergizE de……. ta dahhhh Ayumi Hamasaki XD la letra es super alegre T___T vean http://ayumi.primenova.com/lyrics/energize.htm
    y en vivo es genial T___T

  18. Darky

    Mi lado friki no lo resiste.

    The cake is a Lie!

    Me habria gustado conocer la tira cuando cumplio años y no apenas, aunque tras solo 5 tiras ya la agregue al facebook para no perderme las actualizaciones =D

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