Past Forward I

GUUUYYYSSSS, LESS THAN TWO DAYS LEFT FOR OUR BIRTHDAY!! Are you guys excited? I am excited. And actually nervous cause things might not be ready on time because of stupid Murphy’s law. I could take a shit on Murphy and his stupid law.

Anyways, I won’t go into details about that. Instead, I’ll link you to that zombie comic contest thing I told you about some strips ago. This is what I’ve got so far. You have to click on download to make it readable, and also, that’s just the first three out of 13 that are uploaded, there are Previous and Next links below the pictures. Yep,, hat’s 13 pages of bullcrap, but at least I put effort into them ;_;

Also, I’ve been considering the iidea of adding a forum to the site. What do you guys think? That would be cute wouldn’t it!! I don’t think there’d be much people stopping by but you could always contact me, Gil and Tonchi over there, and ask stuff and all that shit you do in forums.
I think I’ll have one up by the end of the year, depending on how we want it to look.

Song of the week: Kate Bush – Babooshka. Best. Video. Ever.

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  1. Pongie

    BABOOSHKA YA YA!!!!!! maldición, me dieron ganas de ponerlaaaaa **baila**

  2. Tonchi

    I hate when Murphy decides to buy syringes D:

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