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You know, the last time I had written something super long in here but there was a problem with Comic Press file naming parameters, so I lost everything :’D. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?

That means you get double rant today! WEEE!

First of all, I WANT TO REMIND YOU ALL OF THE ANNIVERSARY CONTEST. *stares accusingly at everyone*. The dateline is still pretty far away, but eee I’m so excited you guise. I hope we get many entries, I needn’t worry about the quality because I’m SURE ALL OF THEM WILL BE AWESOME. I actually already got some, so you all betta work, bitches. If you wanna know more about the contest, you can click on the image-link on our sidebar. IT’S A FUCKING BIRTHDAY HAT YOU CAN’T MISS IT.

Second! …
I forgot what second was…
Oh no, wait, I remembered. OH YEAH I have a huge surprise for the anniversary, I hope we can finish it in time, but before-hand I want to thank and pimp my friend Koi because she’s helped a LOT with this secret project for our first year, and she did some awesome work for it too :3. SO GIVE HER SOME HUGS AND SOME LOVE, KAY? KAY.

Third! I made a silly poll in deviantART just to see who’s the most popular character, so go vote! You can find it right here. Gogogogogogo. It’s a bit surprising so far! At least for me D:

Fourth! Okay rant time. You know, I went to a gallery opening yesterday. A contemporary art gallery opening. I just have one thing to say: I hate contemporary art. I mean, to each his own, and I hope I don’t offend anyone with this, really, don’t take it the wrong way, but this so called “art” from our times really annoys me. This whole “anyone can be an artist as long as you give a message away” thing is total bull in my point of view. I think for a piece of art to actually work it needs two things: a message, and a valid effort. And with effort I mean hard work, practice, technical knowledge, skill, you know, those things that give people some actual credit behind their work, that make it worth something.
I’m not saying people shouldn’t express themselves, no no, that’s not it at all. What really really bugs me is that these paintings that are just a bunch of completely random brushstrokes on a huge canvas sell for 2000 dollars. Seriously? I mean, SERIOUSLY? And what’s worse is that people actually BUY that. I know very talented artists that have impressive technical knowledge and imponent amounts of skill that sell pieces for not even a tenth of that price, and let’s not even talk about the appreciation they get, oh no. This new form of expression that allows every John Smith in the world to be lauded as an artist is nothing but bollocks, seriously.
I’m probably going to go really nuts with what I’m about to say, but in my opinion, these “art pieces” are comparable to a little book series that’s been going around getting very popular lately, you know, that one with the sparkling vampires. Yep. Think about it, Twilight was written by a woman without much writing knowledge (or skill), it gets lauded by millions, and it gives her even more millions. It’s a much larger scale, of course, but the things I saw last night are pretty much the same. People who can’t paint getting praised for their random brushstrokes and making a fortune out of them. Of course, the target audience of these things is completely different and opposed, one could say they’re even enemies, and the, um… let’s say intentions behind them are also very very different, but the point is there, isn’t it. No merit behind it, that’s all I’m saying.

Duchamp was mocking all of this, not trying to start a trend, for god’s sakes!

Song of the Week: Ute Lemper – The Case Continues

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  1. Zeo

    … << no se que decir

    Asi que dire

    JAJAJAJAJAJA Seth ama los penes XDDD|

  2. Kael

    No entiendo del todo el arte abstracto. Igual y alguien podria decir que no esta hecho para entenderse, pero ni siquiera puedo disfrutarlo.

  3. Sara

    Contemporary art sucks ass. Just like most new music.

  4. ei_kei

    jajaja nah la escoria del arte es el arte conceptual >____>

  5. Pilli

    No te preocupes, tomate dos “envidosin plus” y llama al doctro en la mañana, seguro se te pasa.

  6. bahzero99

    Yo coincido en que el arte contemporaneo apesta.

  7. Wojtek

    Which side are you on then, Team Edward or Team Jacob?

  8. Estivalia

    I wrote a ver tl;dr post about the subject of contemporary art… but what the hell, Seth makes me happy XD

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