Phallic Tantrum

You know what I hate? Comicpress. Yes, Comicpress, I hate you and your stupid file naming policies >:l

Song of the week: Kristin Hersh – Winter

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  1. bahzero99

    Shouldn’t the alt text say “Penis! 8=========D”?

  2. Pongie

    jjasjaojsoajsoajso Moby dick que suucioooo *3*!!!

  3. ei_kei

    LA CARA DE LAU HAHAHAHAHA ahora entiendo el bulto en tus pantalones cuando vamos a ver libros a donceles………..

  4. Wojtek


  5. Kael

    Moby Dick is about sperm phales, i mean whales?

  6. Zeo

    MOBEEME ESTA!! negra1!!!

  7. Geo

    Ok pero…. negra2!!!

  8. Armando

    I publish comic #58 on Friday… I’m gonna getcha, Fern!

  9. Fern

    @Armando: That’s cheating!! D:

  10. Estivalia

    HAHAHAHAHA awesome! Though I do believe the last panels works on its own without the speech bubble (my opinion is based on the fact that I noticed it AFTER I laughed :’D )

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