Prevent This Tragedy

Another day, another strip. Yay! Gil has gotten a bit better and so he colored this today :3.

How are you people doing with the contest? I HAVE TO REMIND YOU. Of course, the deadline is still very far from this time, but I’m still excited D:. And the actual anniversary is drawing very near.

All of this has gotten me thinking that I would love to present 4our-Calendar Cafe officially in a geeky con. I’m not really into cons, to be honest, but I did love it too much when I had a stand a year ago with the guys from Cloverian Studio. I had a lot of fun, and I wouldn’t hesitate doing it again. I was thinking of maybe going to ConComics in Guadalajara on the 12th of December or La Mole here in Mexico City, on the same date (sorry folks, that’s MExico only D: ), but I’m afraid I have no way of paying for the stand and what not with the moving out coming so soon. So well! I’ll have to look for more conventions next year. Plus, I’d have no material to show, and that would suck a lot! Hahaha.

The other day I was reading some videogames webcomics, and I noticed how all of their authors always have a huge rant to write about the newest game, movie, book, or whatever. I kinda envy that! I never get word from that kind of stuff, mostly because I’m not really into videogames anymore, since my PS2 broke down. The newest thing I have is a Nintendo 64 which I still love and play a lot, though! hahaha.
Anyways, back to topic, I was reading in this same section in one of the newest Atomic Laundromats something Armando wrote that caught my attention. The Batman syndrome, in which supposedly, the readers get hooked and keep coming back not because of the hero, but because of the villain, or other supporting characters would apply too, I guess. I don’t think that’s necessarily bad, but it got me thinking about Cambel and how most of the cast pretty much casts their shadow on him. It’s a part of the character I could say, since I bet Cambel is one of the least popular out of the lot, even with being the main character and all, but I think that’s sort of like what makes Cambel Cambel, a lacking of social likeableness, so I guess this Batman thing kind of popped up accidentally on purpose! (I had never heard of it).

Poor Cambel, he’s doomed to suffer from the Batman syndrome, both in his universe and in ours :’D

Song of the Week: Jena Lee – J’aimerais tellement

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  1. bahzero99

    Insisto, los guantesitos deberian ser rosas col’

  2. Kael

    Si, ve a la concomics! Andare alla C:

  3. Armando

    Don’t your characters wear seatbelts? THINK OF THE CHILDREN FERN.

  4. ei_kei

    de próxima canción pon la de los gatitos TT

  5. Fern

    @Armando: The van doesn’t have seatbelts < < >>…

  6. Zahler

    I dunno about that whole Batman syndrom thing. Personally, while the other characters are wacky and hilarious, Cambel is my favorite, if only because I can relate to him. He’s geeky, not all that athletic, and is picked on by the everyone else. Or at least the sane ones anyway. Plus, he acts just like I probably would if thrust into this situation. So maybe everyone else has their strange quirk and stuff, but Cambel is the one who evens things out.

  7. BRUVA

    bruva, you should totally get these gloves for you as well D:<

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