Nothing To Do With You

Sooo, a friend of mine, you might know her, she’s Flipsidered in deviantART, and also the author of the very amazing webcomic Maggot Boy (WHICH I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE MORE OF, DAMMIT FLIPPY UPDATE MORE) pimped me and 4our-Calendar Cafe a bit in her dA journal.

The result?

We got over 2000 views in a day :’D

I hope some of those new readers stay around for the rest of this trip, I really do! And I hope you don’t forget to check 4CC frequently, mostly because my updates are very erratic and random :<. Anyways, I'm really happy about it, and I wanna thank Flippy a LOT for this. I hope she will enter the Anniversary Contest! Talking of which, there's a link to the post in the sidebar, so be sure to use that if you need to clear something up, and remember that you can e-mail any kind of suggestion or doubt to Okay, I'll be seeing you guys later, take care! 8D PD: OH BY THE WAY! I don’t know if you guys had noticed before, but we have a Twitter and a Facebook group, the links for them are in the sidebar, you know, those rhombi that have the Twitter and Facebook logo on them? That’s them. But I’ll link you here anyways:

I use both to announce updates every time I upload a new strip, so be sure to suscribe to any of the two!

See you round people!

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  1. Xero

    Hehe,I probably would have ditched too. Being stuck in a car with an over-excited Seth would probably be a real headache. Yay,new page! I just love Gene. >=3

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