The Anniversary Contest

Yup. You read right, guys. We’re about to have one year online, a year that went by incredibly fast.  SO! This is what happens when 4our-Calendar Cafe turns one year old.

Oh yep.

I was kinda hesitant to hold this contest at first, but you know, I thought “why the fuck not?”. I had never held any contest before, so I thought it would be exciting. The poster image isn’t ready yet, and I’m still not sure if I’ll post it for all to see. It’s an exclusive poster after all. And yeah, that means it’s an illustration that no one’s ever seen because it hasn’t been made yet :’D

I hope I get a lot of entries. :c

By the way, once you have your entries ready, e-mail them to the adress I wrote up there, which is, and be sure to write “ANNIVERSARY CONTEST STRIP” in the e-mail title, alright?!

I’ll make a static link to this entry on the top menu in the site, so that you can reference this all the time. Also, remember to spread the word, please! 8D

Peace out, people! See ya soon this week.

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  1. ei_kei

    lo dibujaré a mano y lo scanearé XD
    **brinca y baila con toulouse**
    que emoción *w*

  2. Sara

    It’s on, bitches.

  3. Armando

    🙂 Sounds exciting 🙂

  4. Sarit

    It’s awesome good luckyyy
    And happy birthday Cafeeee wiiiii

  5. Sarit

    ^ I’m kinda drunk :S

  6. Kael


  7. bahzero99

    There’s several women I don’t fancy, my wife for one…

  8. Fern


  9. Thiefo

    ok pero

  10. Dragon_Paragon


  11. Aphius

    Might have to get UP on this. 😎

  12. dainen

    But Fern!
    Just checking that we can use your 4our characters for the comic strip? C:

  13. Fern

    @Dainen: Of course! How would you make a 4our-Calendar Cafe strip without the characters?

  14. Kael

    @penril: With sock puppets, of course.

  15. ziRta

    It’s already tomorrow! Tell uuuus 😀

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