The Way I See You

D’awwwwww it was sugar time for these weeks in 4our-Calendar Cafe. AT LEAST THE INTERDIMENSIONAL GUYS ARE HAPPY.


Anyways, uh…

I remember I wanted to link you guys to something, but I forgot what…

Ah well, it will have to be next time.

Song of the week: Metric – Blindness

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  1. bahzero99

    Seth parece perrito :remi:

  2. Armando

    Catcher in the rye casually in the afternoon? not creepy at all.

  3. bahzero99

    @Armando: As a matter of fact, he just finished the book, that or he’s reading it backwards I dunno…

  4. ei_kei

    juguemos hide and seek TT

  5. KioshiDhampir

    OMG… That is sooooooo sweet!!! ;w;

  6. Zeo

    awwwww que cute ;__;

  7. Thiefo

    awww fernie se sta volviendo tierno :’D

  8. juju

    … eso espero Thiefo :3

    (PD: pobrecitooo ;( q malo es bel >:(

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