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HGFHGFHGF. This page was supposed to be up 5 HOURS AGO, but the site was down for some reason. :C

Anyways, I wish I could have updated faster this week guys, BUT I DO HAVE AN EXCUSE. And it’s a pretty awesome excuse if you ask me, for it involves ZOMBIES. And we all know zombies make everything automatically awesome.

What I’ve been doing involved a cool OC tournament in deviantART, called DeviantDEAD. Cool shit. You can see my entries so far in this part of my dA gallery and see what it’s all about. Kay? Kay.

So, in other news, and in case any of you missed it when I posted it on Twitter, I drew some sketches of our beloved 4CC cast. Have them.

After tomorrow I’ll be able to pull out more 4CC related stuff. I’ve been meaning to make a new header for the site for a while now, but I just can’t get something that I like enough. That, and I’d also like to add a cover to this part of the story, a “volume”, if you will, that hasn’t actually ended. Or maybe it did end already and I’m gonna draw two covers. GEEEEE….

I wanna make pretty stuffs for 4CC :C


Fleetwood Mac – Dreams. This one goes for Sara and Delya because they’re the only ones that sing along with me when I start spurting this song out <3. Love you, girls.

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  1. Armando

    So… Bel’s third panel expression coupled with where his hands are… oh, the dirty thoughts!

  2. bahzero99

    @Armando: As a matter of fact, it’s the whole point behind the strip, the rest is filler

  3. BRUVA


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