Unfinished Sympathy

Well, this strip was supposed to go up last night, but my colorist was kidnapped by aliens, who proceeded to insert probes in every orifice in his body

Anyways, you guys have to check Twitter for a special update I have ready for someone HOHOHO~

And that’s it.

Oh, right, here, have a song.

The Pillows – One Life. This is one of my favorites!

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  1. Armando

    Did you do something different with Cambel’s face? It looks longer somehow.
    And you should have made a flashback to Lau hanging from the ceiling. Perhaps something for the extras section?

  2. Fern

    Hahaha. It’s probably the profile, he has a rather werid shaped skull apparently~

  3. juanele

    tas chencho con chincuaaaaal

  4. Armando

    Gah! Continuity, you slutty mistress, you strike me down again!

  5. chamito448

    love your comic man, keep ’em comin’ ^_-

  6. ei_kei

    propongo de próxima canción independant de……………adivinaste! Ayumi Hamasaki XD

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