So this is what I was talking about on yesterday’s post. There’ll be more of this so the story can move faster. I HOPE YOU GUYS DON’T MIND.

Because honestly I don’t care if you do haw haw haw.


Song of the Week: I don’t know, choose it yourself, haha. SUGGEST ONE!!

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  1. armando

    Hmm.. are you going to go the 4th-wall breaking route? It’s a good resource now and again, just don’t overuse it…

  2. Wojtek

    four calendars, three walls

  3. Zeo

    Pienso poner negra1 en cada uno de sus posts XDD
    Lanzare tomates si el hermano se queda con Lau =)

  4. Fern

    Nah, Gene no quedarà con nadie.

    Bueno…depende de còmo lo interpreten XD

  5. bahzero99

    “This is the new shit” by Marilyn Manson, just because Goldfrapp did a remix of it 🙂

  6. Kael

    A ver, proponer cancion, cual sera, cual sera… ah ya se, esa de Rabbit Joint que dicen que es de System of a Down:

  7. Kael

    Asi que ya es oficial que Sara es protagonista? Exijo que vaya en el banner

  8. Thiefo
  9. Dragon_Paragon

    They’re totally full of themselves.

    Seth is the main character and everyone knows it.

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