Guys guys, tomorrow I’ll start doing the SKETCH STRIPS…strips that are kinda fillerish, but at the same time move the story forward. They’ll be like normal strips but in black and white, and that way I’ll be able to post about 4 or 5 times a week and include more situations that I wanted to but didn’t think I’d have time for because of the length of the story.


Plus, probably all of them will be much more lighthearted than what’s been going on around Lau lately, so yeah, sorry for the awkward atmosphere the comic’s taken on. I promise it’s for a good cause!! You’ll see in about 4 strips <3.

Anyways, I’m also enterin this tournament thing in deviantART called DeviantDEAD. It’s this cool shit in which a lot of people “battle” with comics in sort of a tournament, but you know what’s best? IT HAS ZOMBIES <3.
I’m preparing my audition pages, and it’s taking longer than I’d like… BUT I promise I will show you them once I finish 8D.

Aaah! It had been a while since I wrote a lot in here, hasn’t it? Well, I’ll be going now, LUNCH’S READY.

Song of the Week: Barry Manilow – Copacabana

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  1. Tonchi

    ok pero, copacabana?!?!?!

  2. Wojtek

    he can READ HER like a BOOK

  3. Wojtek

    also WHEN did i start to TYPE LIKE JAMIE

  4. bahzero99

    And here I thought this strip would deal with the previous one’s events…

  5. armando

    Yeah, no discussion whatsoever about whether she’s actually using underwear or not.

  6. ei_kei

    algún problema con copacabana D=< ????

  7. bahzero99

    Or if she will ever wear pants

  8. chamito448


  9. Dragon_Paragon



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