Too Little Too Late

Haha! The title of this strip is ironically fitting.
Well, my “rest” is over, I’m done with what I had to do and back in business, although I have to say there’s something wrong D:. My arm is all all all numb and I don’t know why, anybody ever had the same problem? With the right arm, I mean. It’s like it goes numb right in the inner part of the elbow and the shoulder, and then the back of my palm gets a bit…I don’t know, warm. Some friends told me it could be Carpal Tunnel. You think? I think I’m gonna go get checked tomorrow 8(.

Anywayyyssss, I also thought of making little bonus strips to develop a bit more the relationships between the characters without delaying the story’s development, so expect a small update in about 1 or 2 days!

That’s it for now, ta-tah!
Song of the week: Madonna – Beautiful Stranger [/gay]

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  1. ei_kei

    como es la ropa interior de Lau D= ???deberías ponerla arriba de un ducto de aire omg’

  2. ei_kei

    ohhh y de canción pon copacabana de barry manilow TOT

  3. Armando

    Do they use underwear in fantasy medieval kingdoms?

  4. Pongie-

    Too little too late me recordó a tu leidi tu rest :B

  5. Grandchild

    @Armando: yes, thick woollen ones that itch till your crotch is sore – that’s why she doesn’t wear any…

  6. Sara

    Beautiful Stranger?!

  7. bahzero99

    Gene was born with a very interesting superpower called “Shirt Transrelocation”, he can make his shirt appear and dissapear between pannels at will.

    It’s used mostly to entertain others at parties.

  8. Thiefo

    jaja lo que bah dijo XD

    por cierto, no entendí c:

  9. da shy guy

    yeah i have that problems qhen i write on the computer, the only thing you can do is follow up and dont retreat or you´ll lose your hand draw capabilities, belivve me

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