Fanart Filler

Hey guys, I don’t think I’ll be able to put anything new all week, so I’m just writing this to let you know of that. It’s for my own sake that I keep myself away from doing what I have to do , so yeah.

So, I’ll leave you with this incredible fanart my dear friend did for me <3. You can check out her stuff right here. Go now! Yes, you!!

I’ll be back by ext week, I promise > <.

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  1. KioshiDhampir

    Awwww! damn it!! you left me thrilled!!!

  2. Zeo

    WAaaaaH NO lo pude ver anoche porque me quede dormido bien temprano!! Solo queria que supiera que estoy orgulloso de ud c: y que espero que le vaya bien. UD PUEDE CONtRA LAS BASTARDAS!! ya vera que pronto se adapta!!


  3. Thiefo

    mira! fanart de lups! yay!

  4. ebcube

    acabo de empezar a leer el webcomic (me encanta :P) y este no carga… 🙁

  5. REYES

    padrisimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pero este no carga. 🙁

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