Blue Smile

Oops! Late update. Oh well. Guys, tomorrow’s a big day, so wish me luck! Although I won’t reveal why it’s a big day, I can’t yet 8V.

This arc is moving kinda slowly but I promise it’s gonna end nice. I’ll try to put up the next strip on Friday night, alright? See ya for now guise!

Song of the Week: Tori Amos – Blood Roses

Know an awesome song? Suggest it and I’ll put it here next week!

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  1. Candice B.

    Haha, Cambel’s face in the last panel reminds me of Daryl’s crazed expression from the game Harvest Moon xD

  2. Wojtek

    Good luck then!

  3. Kael

    Good luck!

  4. Estivalia

    AHAHAHAHAHA dammit Cambel, you’re so obvious xD

  5. ziRta

    Hahahahaha it’s fun because it’s true! Aww…

  6. bahzero99

    You know you could extend the alt text into a future gag about Lau wearing pants and making a retrospective coment in the alt text and ok I’ll shut up now

  7. Fern

    @Candice: Holy shit it’s SO true xD

  8. KioshiDhampir

    Niño metiche, yo ya le hubiera hecho manita de puerco

  9. Celphyr

    Osea.. asi o mas obvio? XDDDD

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