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So guess what, another kinda sad strip. I don’t really think it’s sad, I just wanted to go a little deeper into Lau’s character seeing how she was starting to become just the crazy-faces chick. Despite being most people’s favorite character, she was the blandest of them all when it came to personality. Plus, I hadn’t really shown anything regarding the interdimensional characters that was worth it except for how they affected Cambel and Sara’s lives, so I thought it would be nice to have it the other way around for a change.

I hope you guys like the strip! It’s the beginning of a Lau-centered arc, so don’t change the channel 8D.

Song of the Week: Paquita la del Barrio – Rata de dos patas
Suggested by Peke.

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  1. Zeo

    PRIMIS *O*

    Awww ;_; yo quiero saber en que momento se volvio.. eso XD

  2. ziRta

    Interesante historia 😀
    Coincidentemente hoy estoy leyendo un libro sobre reyes y reinas, así que me ha pegado 🙂 Estaré pendiente!

  3. Tonchi

    Desde siempre he sabido lo de que todos tienen 4 dedos… pero nunca me había perturbado hasta el cuadro #4 de esta tira.

  4. Pongie

    Awww~~ Lau <3

  5. Ei_Kei

    Ahora comprendo porque somos amigos……relacionas bellos recuerdos familiares con paquita la del barrio………….quiero a mi mami T____T

  6. KioshiDhampir

    Poor Lau, she must miss her bith land

  7. bahzero99

    WOW! the coloring on this doesn’t look like shit! I wonder why’s that…

  8. armando

    Good strip Fer — think you handled it quite well.

  9. mono

    needs weird faces when she says “father T-T”

  10. Thiefo

    q raios con la rola? XD

    ñeee de todas formas paquita owns! XDDD

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