Another Morning

Paintyyy 8D.

I had envisioned this strip to look something like this ever since I wrote the script for it (yeah, I write the scripts way before I draw each strip so the story can make a little more sense in the long run). This one is pure Painter and some Photoshop magic, how’s it look?

It’s not like this is how everything is going to look from now on, though. From next strip on, it’s back to same ol’.

Oh by the way, I decided Cambel’s house no longer has a wallpaper 8D. Why? Because I’m lazy.

Song of the Week: Boom Boom Satellites – Shut Up and Explode. Fuckin’ love this song, man.

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  1. bahzero99

    Wait, did cambel’s wallpaper come from another dimension as well? because it just appeared for a couple strips…

  2. ziRta

    I really like it 😀 I wish I could paint like that in Painter -oops, redundancy! xD

  3. Sara

    You remembered I’d been chased by a bear!! Or was that just a coincidence that you added it? And the “you’ve got issues” thing XDDD

  4. armando

    Good riddance to the wallpaper!

  5. Zeo

    Debido a los largos acontecimientos de la politica yo debo agregar que NEGRA1!!!

    Que bonito emo1 yo quiero ser como ud y sus comics lindos y artsy

  6. Thiefo

    hoy aprendì lo que es un hobo c:

  7. KioshiDhampir

    We are all weirdos in a way

  8. armando

    Loved the painterly style on this comic, by the way.

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