O Just Suppose

What I wish to know right now is how education can be so flamboyantly expensive, and how schools can send “catalogues” that contain even less information than their website 8|.

But anyways, that’s not important. Here’s a new strip! Yaaay. Man, I can’t wait to get on with the next arcs :C.

Song of the week: Leslie Gore – It’s my Party

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  1. bahzero99

    H-H-hello my name is jeff and im farmer and ive been growin’ marihuana for ab-b-b-bout twenty years

  2. Fern


  3. Zeo


  4. Pongie

    what is :)?

  5. Kael

    >flamboyantly expensive
    Que clase de folletos estas leyendo?

  6. Wojtek

    zomg, “It’s My Party” is a fantastic song

  7. Thiefo

    Mi hora favorita del dia es las 5:17

  8. KioshiDhampir

    jajajaja!!! que cruel! XD

  9. Sara

    The Jurassic Park poster XDDD

  10. mono

    no wallpaper again u suks so much lolz

  11. armando

    Is Gene settling in for the long run or what?

  12. Fern

    If he passes the admission exam, yeah.

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