Dear Friends

Edit: Okay, so, by popular demand, and courtesy of Gil here’s an alternate version of today’s strip: I PROMISE HILARITY.

Omg guys, this week is going by so slowly for some reason, I mean, I’m not complaining about it cause it’s been pretty good, but damn! It’s been slow, hahahahaha.

It feels like it was like a week ago since I uploaded the last strip, but it’s only been three days! Anybody else feeling like this lately?

But anyways, for the next song of the week, this one goes to my friend Sara. KEEP ON BEING AWESOME! *h5*

Song of the week:  Mariah Carey – Always Be My Baby

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  1. bahzero99

    I hope no one else thinks of dickb- *gets shot from afar*

  2. Tonchi

    megasnif!! c:

  3. Kael

    Damend if I know. It’s machine code.

    Y quiero nominar para las canciones =D

  4. Ei_Kei

    Best drawing EVER
    pon la canción de los gatitos como canción de la semana TT

  5. juanele

    jajaja el segundo cuadro es el que me botó de la risa, con los ojitos acechanteeees, y ya vi la version sin censura esta re wena!

  6. Thiefo

    anda! XD eso es como que tierno…. esta version, no la otra.. la otra es mas uste c:

  7. Zeo

    AJAJAJAJA QUE LINDOOO ;o; yo hubiera dibujado algo asi XDDDD

    CUIDESEEEEEEEEEEEEE aun no veo comments especiales por aqui.. TEE HEE owo

  8. Sara

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww thanks, Fern!!! *suffocates you with hugs* You’ll always be apaartt of meeeeeee, I’m part of you indefinitely. BOY, DON’T YOU KNOW YOU CAN’T ESCAPE MEEEEEE OOOHHH DARLIN’ CAUSE YOU’LL ALWAYS BE MA BAYYYBAAAYYYY

    btw, I fucking LOVED Seth’s big eyes peeping out from under the bed. Soooooo awesome!

  9. KioshiDhampir

    Awww, que bonito! Seth puede ser algo torpe (remplasa el “algo” por “muy”) pero es muy amigable. ^^

  10. KioshiDhampir

    hahaha and WTF with the alternate strip XDDDDD is that even posible? What On Earth is Seth thinking?! XD

  11. Ei_Kei

    Pon de canción It´s my party-Leslie Gore

  12. mono

    hahaha los ojos del idiota

  13. juju

    ¡¡que tierno y ridiculoo!! :3

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