Im A Cuckoo

F**k S**tC**t. I’m sorry for the super late update, guys. I had a pretty busy week and I couldn’t have the comic up when I wanted to. I think there might be some changes due for next strip, but it’s nothing you’ll notice, hopefully.

Good thing is that now I’ll have enough money to go see Grace Jones! Go me!

Bad thing is that my commissions are still stammered because of my actual job XD.

Ah well, that’s how this is. If any of my commissioners is reading this, then I’m sorry! I’ll try to get the paypal account and all that shit ready as soon as I can!

Song of the Week: Yoko Kanno – The Real Folk Blues

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  1. Armando

    So, Cambel chooses to put the ugliest wallpaper where everybody entering his house can see it, but not the bedrooms?

  2. Fern

    Yeah uh…that…DAMMIT.

  3. Kael

    Sabia que Lau zumabab al cambiar de personalidad.

  4. KioshiDhampir

    Campbell looks pretty happy with the result! XD Gene is gonna spend some time in Wonderland hahaha!!!!

  5. Thiefo

    bzzzzz hola! c:

    bzzzzz muerete >:[

  6. bahzero99

    @KioshiDanphir: It’s Cambel, not Campbell….

    …But keep calling him that, it annoys him 🙂

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