The Package Part 2

Hay guiiiise. I’ll be trying to update more often from now on (I generally check the date and I start working on the new strip on the third day after the last one was posted), but you’ll also have to bear with me because I opened commissions back in deviantART and I’m kinda busy with those as well.

That and Ragnarok Online :’D
Although I haven’t been playing that much.

But anyways, you can also hit me up for a commission if you want, the link up there goes to my page, and you can find all the details there in my journal [/shameless plug].

Song of the week: Natalia Lafourcade – Azul

Know an awesome song? Suggest it in your comments and I’ll put it here!

Discussion (8) ¬

  1. Tonchi

    *troll mode on*


    *troll mode off*

  2. Thiefo

    yo siempre quise un hermano… c: es divertido fregar a la familia

  3. KioshiDhampir

    jajajajaja!!!! que genial!! me pregunto que pasará!

  4. Ceebz

    omg xD That sinister expression!

  5. Sara

    Is the sex scene coming up?

  6. Sarit

    ohh you’ve moved

  7. Armando

    I have always wanted to ask… what’s with the funky wallpaper?

  8. Fern

    Cambel isn’t renowned for his good taste

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