A Squirrel And I

Hay guiiiise. Guess what? ONE MORE STRIP AND THE INTRO ARC ENDS. Weeeeeee! Also, notice that Cambel no longer lives in an EMPTY FLAT, and has now moved some random furniture in, and now has pretty wallpapers from the 70’s 8D.

I’m just trying to make it look better ;_;

Yesterday I went to a small music festival held throughout Mexico called Corona Music Fest. It’s mostly Mexican bands, and the three that played I really don’t like too much, but I was there to look after my niece and her friend, but actually I had a great time and the three of them were pretty awesome onstage. Specially the first one, Fobia, they’re actually pretty old, but I don’t really know their songs or their career. They totally rocked the stage though. So, in lieu of them todays Song of the Week:

Fobia – Microbito (live with awesome crowd singing)

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  1. bahzero99

    That’s what happens when you let your characters neglected for, like, a week; They remodel everything…

  2. Kael

    Fer, tus gustos músicales rulz

  3. Thiefo

    Corona! wiiii

  4. Sara

    I think this might be like my ultimate fav one so far.

  5. tonchi

    Yo tengo el lp donde viene esa rola x3

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