Anyone Who Had A Heart

You thought you’d come here for a laugh, didn’t you? Well, tough luck, because 4CC just went depressing.

Okay that’s a lie, only for this time. Maybe a bit more in the future but you get the idea.

This strip should have gone up yesterday but I had to draw something for a contest in the RO server I’m in, HO HO. It’s sucking my entire life. I also have work to do, hahaha.

Anyways. Have you ever heard the song “Anyone Who Had a Heart” by Burt Bacharach? In the remote and hypothetical case that you don’t understand today’s strip, read the lyrics to that song and everything will seem much clearer. If not, I’m afraid you have a strong case of cretinism.

What exciting new thing did I find on the internet this week? I found…uh, oh right!


However! I went to the city downtown with a friend on…something like Thursday, and the sewers literally exploded. There was sort of a short circuit because the underground tunnels get flooded with rain and the old and faulty electric system makes short-circuits. Combine that with the methane gas that fills the sewers and you have FIREWORKS. It was awesome. The people made too big a deal out of it, but it was awesome nonetheless. Well, to be fair, it was awesome because I wasn’t standing over the sewer that caught fire, and fortunately no one was! And no one got hurt, excepting for a worker that was inside the sewers at the time, but well, he was treated right away, so I hope he’s alright.


Song of the Week: Beirut – Nantes

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  1. bahzero99

    Someone must be seeking revenge against the teenage mutant ninja turtles… They’re on the wrong city though O_o

  2. Wojtek

    I now expect the comic to go fully into Evangeliondom.

  3. Kael


    Por cierto, conoces Warbot in Accounting?

  4. bahzero99

    @Wojtek: I’ll quit the moment that happens 😐

  5. Zeo

    @Wojtek: Yeah, me too…

    Oh, vvait… somethings vvrong there hmm…

  6. VARONrojo

    Good strip. great post. i came down here via Badass Tonchi, its intresting that the “yeah, best friend ever” character its a girl here, usually, well u know… but its cool.

    I have to celebrate the “strong case of cretinism” line. epic.

  7. Thiefo

    ok pero…

    awww </3

  8. Sara

    I never had that fucking hair cut, man!

  9. Sara

    Well actually I guess I sort of did.

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