Sprout And The Bean

Sooo, this took so long, dammit. I have a valid reason, though. I joined Ragnarok Online.

I no longer posses any soul, life, or future.

AND appart from that Gil was busy with university stuff so give him a break, and give ME a punch in the face. I’ve also been practicing my painting skills, but if you wanna see that you’ll have to go to my deviantART, which can be accessed from the Contact section. Teeeeh~

You know what’s awesome? End of Evangelion. I mean it’s like the oldest thing ever, but two days ago I rewatched it with a friend and DAMN, that is one of the best movies ever. Asuka’s fight scene is for me the most AWESOME moment in the history of fiction. And yes, you can suck it if you disagree.

You know, the funniest/most annoying thing happened when I was crafting the final parts of this strip, I accidentally saved the .psd file as my base file (the 4 panel template), and then, like always, I reverted the action history on the file to the start and then saved it, so I lost everything I had done on it. Hah Hah! I’m a dork.

Song of the week: In lieu of Evangelion, it’s Thanatos (If I can’t be yours), sung by that girl that was created to sing this and then disposed of, Loren & Mash, or something.

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  1. Kael

    Habra que ver como queda esoen Rebuild, pero la cancion happy del final saca de onda @_@

  2. Wojtek

    [anal] landLADY [/anal] :shifty:

  3. Zeo

    *le rompe el hocico*



    Nelli OVVNS

  4. Sara

    Seth is way too cute.

  5. Licos

    Esa cara hahahaha, genial

  6. tonchi

    cada vez que alguien me recuerda la escena de la batalla de asuka… yo lloro como magdalena, snif 🙁

  7. bahzero99

    EDEN – It’s an endless world >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Evangelion, your mom, God, an army of infinite killer Negras, and Mother Theresa’s holy bones together

  8. Ian


    Se van a quedar sin casa por su culpa XD

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