Gone Too Soon (or Blue Screen Of Death)

I don’t even have to say it.

The only thing that’s “funny” is how pretty much all of us entered a state of Blue Screen of Death when we heard about the news. It’s also funny that I made a comic with a similar theme some weeks ago, only centered around Cher.  It would have been completely eerie if it had been her though. Funny aneurysm anyone?

Actually what I said in the dialogue about Cher pretty much applies to MJ to the extreme. Even if there are snobby dicks out there going “king of pop? what for? singing badly?” (and I know there are, for I’ve seen that), one simply can’t deny the impact Michael Jackson had on the wole world, let alone the MUSICAL world, wether or not you like his music (or him) or not. There probably isn’t a musician on Earth who respects Michael Jackson in some way, so shove that up your asses.

Anyways…Fern off!

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  1. bahzero99

    My first thought when I heard the news:

    “Thriller (8<”

    … Then I was shocked…

  2. Zeo

    Instead of bahzero99 my first thing vvas to be shocked.

    The I heard he vvas on come, but alive, and i felt relieved

    Then shocked again .__.

    Rest in Peace, King of Pop

  3. Sara

    Poor MJ. 🙁 RIP

  4. Kael

    Sobre todo lo de “era algoque dabamos por hecho”

  5. Licos


  6. Dragon_Paragon

    Dude, Micheal Jackson died about the same time the white alien showed up.

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