Devil In My Life (part 1)

Omg longest week EVER. Anyways, this week’s strip is the first of two parts. Here’s hoping we’ll be updating the next part in at least 2 days.

Oh but never mind that!! Here’s Nelli’s first appearance. Yaaaaay. She’s the woman in the header. She’s a bitch. Love her.

Jesus, guys, this week there was some sort of a world culture fair here in Mexico City’s downtown to try and fix the tourism after the swine flu chaos a month ago. I went with my brother and my sister in law, and let me tell you, I need to move to the middle East. Or Indonesia. They have the most delicious food EVER. Is anybody here from Indonesia? I want someone to cook for me ;_;

Song of the Week: Massive Attack – Safe From Harm

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  1. Wojtek

    Her name is Nelli? ROFFLE! It won’t be funny to non-Poles, but we have a crazy wannabe politician named Nelli Rokita, who has an enormous talent for saying the dumbest things.

  2. Zeo


  3. Licos

    “i want someone to cook for me” hahahahah xD

  4. Pongie

    Aiiii ya me cae bien esa woman =O. Aprendamos a guisar indonesiamente y pongamos un restaurante atendido por simios alados ;D

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