Filler (Do You Believe…?)

Ugh, another filler. Sorry guys, it’s been a somewhat busy time for both me and Gil. My mom fell down and broke her knee and appart from that I haven’t been able to draw, in the sense that everything I try FAILS miserably. As for him, he’s super busy with schooling matters. OBVIOUS COURSE OF ACTION? Sit down and talk about fake news about Cher. So I’ll leave you with this random filler with CHER. You can’t go wrong with Cher, right?

Oh shit, I fucked up the lyrics to that Cher song XD. Okaaay, so it’s “life after love” but GIVE HER A BREAK, SHE’S A ZOMBIE!

Song of the week – David Bowie – Dead Man Walking

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  1. Wojtek

    ROFFLE, this is brilliant AND NOT JUST BECAUSE OF THE BARTAA REFERENCE. Then again, Cher has the power to make anything fabulous.

  2. Zeo

    AJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA oficialmente es en lo mas raro en lo que se ha convertido 8U

  3. bahzero99

    Ay no mame, me dibujo igualito autist…

  4. juanele

    aaaaaah!!! ¿de veras se murió cher? u____u

  5. Fern

    Okay, people, CHER ISN’T DEAD.

  6. Thiefo

    yo se que en realidad eres fan de cher 8D

  7. juanele

    Nooooooo, yo se que se murió y se volvió zombie, no quieras endulzar la triste verdad u___u

  8. Estivalia

    I believe that, in this case, the lyric should be “do you believe in love AFTER LIVE”

    turum tss…

    gracias, gracias, estaré aquí toda la semana, cofspammeando los comentarios de Ferncof

  9. Pongie

    Pues yo si andaba asistiendo a los conciertos de zombiecher 😀

  10. Fern

    Yo tambieeen! A menos que derrepente empezará a morder gente.
    Aunque sería mejor ir con pistola 😀

  11. bahzero99

    Ahora que lo pienso, Zombie Cher no esta nada descompuesta ni carcomida O_o

    … ¿la magia de las cirugias, tal vez?

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