Party Weirdo

Holy SHIT, guys, this week was the craziest one I’ve had so far. Look at this schedule:

Tuesday to Wednesday: no sleep at all
Wednesday to Thursday: sleep from 1:30pm to 12:30am
Thursday to Friday: no sleep
Friday: sleep from 7am to 6pm
Friday to Saturday: no sleep
Saturday to Sunday: sleep from 7:30pm to 6am

Seriously, that was the most fucked up sleep schedules I’ve had, hahaha. BUT I FINALLY FEEL LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING NOW. I applied for university and shit, it pretty much fucked up my patterns, but I’m okay now. That’s the main reason I couldn’t draw the comic earlier, I’ve been going up and down during these days.

Best thing is that next strip is gonna be twice as big as the normal ones, yaaay…

Also, Professor Maxwell is awesome.

I don’t know what else to link to I’ll just stop it here. Take care chums! Oh no wait! There is something. I’ll give a cookie to the one who finds me a link to download the soundtrack for The Sword in the Stone!

Song of the week: Marius DeVries featuring Róisín Murphy – Yellow Moon

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  1. juanele

    jua jua jua ese ultimo cuadro está bien loco… quiero decir, en inglés: estar bien crazy ese cuadro last… si, asi se escribe shi o_____o

  2. Saritisima
  3. bahzero99


  4. Sara

    The John Travolta ass chin strikes again.

  5. setho

    se parece al enfermo sexual de padre de familia… family guy

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