People Are So Unpredictable

Ughhhh I had already written EVERYTHING here and Firefox closed by itself. WHAT THE FUCK is up with that, man?! Why does that happen? I mean, it doesn’t even report a crashing error, it just closes up. Same thing has happened with Painter IX.

I think my computer is agonizing…

But yeah anyways…um…I forgot what I wrote, so go to hell 8D.

I’ll just link you to THE MOST AWESOME T-SHIRT EVER MADE. Seriously, that is the bestestest design EVER. It’s probably very old, but I don’t care. I want it. AND I WANT IT NOW. I’d swear my undying and everlasting love to anyone who’d buy it for me ho ho ho. At least until I get money, I’m totally buying it when I do.

There’s also this designer named Mark Brooks’ website I accidentally came across while searching for the work of another Mark Brooks! Haha. This guy designs stuff mostly for musical acts and stuff, but what he’s got there is pretty good I think. So if there’s any aspiring musicians in our audience, go check that out bitches.

Fiiiinally there’s the new Marvel comic series, part of the Dark Reigns saga, titled Dark Reign: Young Avengers, featuring our lovely Young Avengers, who are put up against sort of a counterpart team. The first issue was super cool, funny and tragic at the same time. You should get it whenever you can because this is promising, yes oh yes.

I think that’s it. Oh right… dedicated to my friend Paulo, next song of the week issss…


Nana Mouskori – Vincent (Starry Night)

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  1. Ian

    Hahaha… sarah lo va a ahorcar algún día XDDDDD

    Eeem… por otro lado *explosions* “tell me that wasn’t a subway station” XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  2. bahzero99

    Iba a hacer un chiste con dixon y alejandro ayer en la noche, pero me gano el sueño =_ =

  3. Mono

    Yo creo que yo ni le hubiera preguntado… wakala @.@

  4. Sarita

    Why do you need to buy it? just print the image and paste it on some shirt, there are places who do that really cheap. That’s what I do instead of paying 25$ for a shirt, I just do it by myself and it cost like 7$ and that’s it

  5. Kael

    goddamit, es una de las reglas bascias para postear mucho texto, tendre que quitarte tu licencia de Internets.

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