Step Into My Office, Baby

Arrghghghhgh this strip took SO LONG. Seriously, I didn’t even realize it had been a week since the last one was up. What in the name of Quetzalcoatl is wrong with time?!

Aaaanyways. Last week was relatively uneventful. Relatively because I’ve been painting and drawing much more than I used to do some weeks ago, which is probably the reason this strip is up so late :/. But oh well! There are some new pics coming up, which of course you’ll be able to see in my portfolio. That or in my deviantART. Both are linked in the “Contact” section here.

Oh guys, you totally have to read this article. It’s one of those cheesy “5 top” things or whatever, but this one was actually too awesome. I NEED THIS TO LIVE. Zombie fans will specially love it.

Also, if you wanna check out a truly amazing animator, you definitely must go here. He’s an indonesian dude that has the coolest animations ever. Also great character designs and stuff like that. Yep, cool stuff. I’m in love with his stuff. NOW GO SEX HIM UP A BIT YOU FLOOZIES. I know you want to.

Song of the week: Carlos Gardel – Por una cabeza. I’m pretty sure ALL of you know this song, as it’s been featured in numerous films. However, nobody seems to know the original song, composed for a film itself, found right here. I looooove it <3

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  1. bahzero99

    Ahahahaha no mames, yo pensaba dibujarle un meat cleaver en vez del control remoto a Alejandro por nomas -whyme-

  2. Kael

    zombie, zombiee

    Por un instante al pelirrojo le vi cara de Rayne:

  3. juanele

    en un comic en ingles debo comentar en ingles asi que ahi va: osom!

  4. Fern

    @juanele: Ahahahaha, pero si más cuero no se puede XD.

    Thanks everyone for the comments and support, it’s really well appreciated 😀

  5. Mono

    nada de thanks everyone, si no actualizas más seguido te vamos todos a despellejar vivo.

  6. juanele

    harta despellejaciooon

  7. Fern

    Que lindo mi hermano <3

  8. Zeo

    pero es verdad 🙂 no fa||e

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