Silence Is Golden

OH SNAP! Bitch didn’t just go THERE.

If Sara wasn’t trying to pretend she’s totally (and falsely) alright with Lau being around she’d have the biggest diva fit in the world over that comment. Seriously.

In other news, I supposedly started reading Tegami Bachi, this cool manga about delivery boys in a weird-ass but awesome world that’s always submerged in night. It sounds random but at least the first chapter was pretty pretty good and had that humongous AWWWW factor at the end. I’ll probably read more of it during the week.

Also, if you FUCKING LOVE MUSIC, then you’re definitely gonna fucking love this blog dedicated to all sorts of music for free download. Of course you’d have to erase them once you listen to them or only download them if you have the original copy.


Anyways, appart from that, if you fucking love Metric as much as I do, then you’ll probably want to get your hands on this little thing I found too. It’s a pro-shot video bootleg of them playing at La Route du Rock festival in France back in like 2005. Lots of songs from their first album. It’s awesome.

Hmmm I think that’s it for now
Song of the week: Zoot Woman – We Won’t Break

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  1. Ian

    jajajaja pobre sara… su paciencia no creo que aguante mucho xD

  2. Kael

    OK, pero… la esta siguiendo por el departamento?

  3. Pilli

    Sara se dejó ver YAN copypasta esta vez 8B

  4. bahzero99

    @Pilli: Se dice “economía de trazos”….. Ok, no, solo es copypasta


  5. Pongie

    Pero que tierna se dejó ver Lau <3 ……ya ya, déjenme en paz ToT

  6. Licos

    no sea mamon xD!

  7. Licos

    me late mi triangulito extraño

  8. Mono

    como te ha de haber costado trabajo dibujar a Lau sin que haga caras perturbadoras… de hecho creo que este es el strip que menos gestos espantosos tiene, by far @.@

    Also, I love music!

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