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Argh, I wanted to have this strip up by Wednesday, but then I got explosive diarrhea, and then Gil got blisters on his fingers from interviewing too much people (IT’S TRUE, GUYS, disregard how unlikely and wtf-ish that sounds) and well, the strip’s up today. I was talking with a friend about how it’s hard to keep posting lengthy strips that advance the story (somewhat) and end up with a mostly lame punchline, so we got to the conclusion that I (and Gil of course) could do what we’ve been doing before with a standard 4-frames strip rather than the 13ish-frames strips I’ve been producing in the past. So, perhaps with this I’ll be able to upload more, I’m not sure if there will be set dates, though, so I’d recommend suscribing to 4our-Calendar Cafe’s RSS feed to let you know when we upload something!

Sooo, in other news, I’m sure most of you had heard of the new pandemic. That article sums everything up very very well. It will probably get bigger and bigger as months go by, so be on your guard, you know, arm yourselves the way you prevent a normal cold. Lots of vitamin C, liquids, cover your mouth and nose using med masks, etc, etc. That’s mostly for the folks in Mexico (in case you didn’t know, 4our-Calendar Cafe is Mexican), but the disease will most likely get to the northernmost countries in America in some time. Let’s hope it can be controlled before it gets out of hand!

Song of the Week: Sufjan Stevens – Seven Swans

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  1. Ian

    Que conveniente de Campbell quedarse con la princesa *sig

    Fuera de eso… it’s good good all the way! \o/

  2. bahzero99

    Se me cayo el chocolate -emo2-

  3. Kael

    De hecho, te conviene aventarte menos cuadritos y avanzarle mas agilmente al asunto

  4. Pilli

    Yo pensé que cuando tenías diarrea cagabas dibujitos T_T

  5. Dragon_Paragon

    I didn’t evacuate for them thar Polio pandemic, an’ I ain’t gona move for no Mex-ee-can superflu! *Pumps shotgun.* ELI! GET ME MY SLUG SHELLS!

  6. Mono

    hahaha, imagínate que te dijeran “nostril erection-dude”…

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