Gil’s Birthday (You’re Born Naked, The Rest Is Drag)

So, our awesome colorist Gil’s birthday was two days ago, however, some…events kept me from concentrating on actually making a comic for him so I got this up today. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, GIL! Sorry for the delay :C.

However, I still don’t understand why you didn’t like my present, WHO WOULDN’T WANT A LIFE-SIZE RUPAUL BLOW DOLL GODDAMIT?!

Joking aside though, I’m really glad I got you on the team, it really excites me to see how we both develop this comic together, and not only this comic, but our own skills. We’re still getting used to working together as a team, but I’m pretty sure we’ll get to be super awesome in the future (more than we already are of course, HAH!). You bettah keep werkin’, Gil!

I don’t know when the next actual strip will be up, so just keep an eye open!

Song of the week: Emilie Simon – My Old Friend *bites tongue*

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  1. bahzero99


    ….mnamnamnsmnambmanamvbanbmanabmanbamnabmanbamnabamna *se mete por una ventana*

  2. Ian

    AHAHAHAHAA eso te pasa por andar regalando transexuales XDDDDDD

    Qué hubiera pasado si regalaras negras? xDDDDDD

  3. Duo

    awww no fui el primero

  4. Pongie

    Mmmmmmm tal vez si le hubieras regalado dos, TAL VEZ no se hubiera ido. Doble negra fon =3

  5. Licos

    ………. eso fue realmente random

  6. Kael

    A la proxima le regalas un dinosaurio robot

  7. Pilli

    “Eventos” D=

  8. Dragon Paragon

    So, uh, just a quick hypohetical….You still have that blow doll lying around?

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