Shoehorn With Teeth

Ugghhh, late update again, SORRY T_T. I’m glad I don’t have any “external” fans yet so I don’t lose any of them xD.

Anyways, no dialogues this time, yaaaay. And I still managed to get it like 38 hours late, yaaaay! These days were so…exhausting XD, I have walked more in these past days than in all of last year (okay that’s a lie but DON’T JUDGE ME). I spent most of the time away from home so I wasn’t really able to work on the new comic and I sent Gil the lines so late and asafdsfsd, I PROMISE I’LL GET IT RIGHT NEXT TIME. At least I’ll try.

Yoda: There is no try.

Go to hell, little philosophical green midget.

Song of the week: Nine Inch Nails – Hurt

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  1. bahzero99

    Yoda: Spoon, there is not…

    Wrong movie dipshit 😐

  2. Kael

    That’s no moon.

  3. Zeo

    hahahahahahaha 8U

  4. Sarita

    Finely something I could understand 😛

  5. Dragon_Paragon



    Anyway, say hi to Charles Barkley for me.

  6. Sara

    So cute!

  7. Mono

    hahaha @ la última expresión, toda de desesperación y sob sob

    mah, todas están chidas.

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