Space Dementia

WOOO! Finally I was able to end this. Damn that was a busy weekend! BUT IT’S STILL MONDAY SO I KEPT MY PROMISE XD. Okay okaaaay, I shall link to this strip from everywhere I can.

So yeah, today’s strip pretty much explains all of the story to you, dear cret…um readers <3. Allow me to remark our official colorist’s work which is getting better and better by the minute! Imagine how awesome it’ll look later on! Aaalso, the background image for panel 4 was taken from here apparently. I just image-googled “outer space” and got that, so yeah, I hope I don’t offend anyone or something like that.

Also also, if you want to try and read more on the concept this whole story is based on, I suggest you to read this wiki article which practically explains in sciency terms all this multiple worlds and unverses thing. It’s actually quite interesting, and it was just SCREAMING for my fictional attention. Of course I wasn’t totally loyal to that theory; heck, I understand like 25% of the words written there, haha. BUT IT’S JUST A WEBCOMIC SO GO TO HELL GUYS.

Also also also, today was a good day, I got to see a long lost cousin I hadn’t seen in 6 years! (I’m 19 so that’s a lot of time for me). It was reaaally fun and really awesome to talk about our childhoods together and shit. We played Perfect Dark (obvs the best FPS ever made) for a while and we couldn’t kill the final boss in co-op :C. In other words we suck, but we had a blast! And with that today’s post ends. See you next weekend children!

Song of the Week: Joni Mitchell – Woodstock

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  1. bahzero99

    Also, you’ve had 3 updates this week (Even though 2 of them were filler), what else can you ask for? 🙂

  2. Zeo

    me encanta XD aunque cada vez veo mas y mas sgrandes |os comics <>

  3. Gabz

    ok pero, el cactus tiene un chicón en la cabeza como el caballo que dibujaste en msn sig’

  4. Fern

    @Gabz: It’s a cucumber :C

  5. Wojtek

    iz dat sum ellen ripley

  6. Pongie

    jajajajajajaja la cactuar parody …

    EXCELSAAAAA *____*

  7. Kael

    Pon ese mosaico de favicon 😀

    Y por cierto, cada vez te sale mejor la Lau ‘poseida’, antes como que no acababan de cuajar sus caras merol.

  8. Dragon_Paragon


  9. Duo


  10. setho

    es un muka eso man?

  11. Geo

    Ok pero… Ahhh? Es Sigourney Weaver?

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