Filler (Zelda Stuff)

Yaaay! Another filler. Everybody knows The Legend of Zelda, right? If you don’t, you’ve been living under a rock, man, SERIOUSLY. So yeah, I was reading the manga for Ocarina of Time (which can be found online in, and a friend and I remembered that part of the game in which you throw out Saria’s ocarina…fucking cold hearted, man. So yeah, today’s filler goes to that game that defined a lot of our childhoods <3.

Song of the week: Joni Mitchell – Woodstock

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  1. Olover mai Lleims

    Crash ! .. . .Ya no me acordaba de esa parte, I’ll have to play that again. TOT

  2. Zeo


  3. bahzero99

    Es que, la neta, la otra ocarina es una basura -whyme-

    …ok no

  4. Fito

    Ocarina of Time… Meh…

    Los Link de verdad tenían el pelo rosa o acosaban princesas D=

  5. Fern

    @bahzero99: *negra1*

  6. Kael

    You are on step closer to the Dark Side:
    Every filler gets you close D:

  7. Pongie

    <3 <3 <3

  8. Dragon_Paragon

    No, if you haven’t heard of The Legend of Zelda, you’ve been living under A COMMUNIST FLAG! And I will not be held responsible if you are stoned/lynched because of your crimes. There, I said it.

  9. Mono

    ahhaAhAHahAahaH es el fondo de pantalla en mi trabajo, nadie le entiende pero yo cada vez que veo a Saria me muero de risa :0

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