Filler (I’m Gonna Get Sued For This)

For the love of Quetzalcoatl…yet another filler T_T. It was such a weird week, guise. You know how you mostly don’t do much and then suddenly you go everywhere and people ask you for lots of drawings and work and shit? Yep. That was my week. Hahaha that phrase reminded me of a quote, but I couldn’t find the video so TOO BAD.

Special cookies go to the ones who get today’s filler strip. But just in case you don’t and so that people don’t think I’m STEALING IT. Yep, EVERYBODY BOW DOWN TO THE AMAZING BILL WATTERSON. Seriously, that man made my childhood complete. I wish he’d appear from his super anonymity and do a press conference or something. Meeting him would be the best thing ever and ever. But I guess it’s awesome that he chose to hide from the world and his fame, that’s something very little people do once they’re flying over everyone else.

And this week’s song, in tribute of a good friend of mine who probably doesn’t even know I have this comic strip, is going to be Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy”. One of the most awesome songs about ruined childhoods ever. Depressing? Totally.
Enjoy <3

And see you sometime this week hoes!

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  1. Fito

    Ok pero… has pensado en abandonar el mundo del comic y dedicarte a hacer fillers para otros comics? 🙂

  2. bahzero99



  3. Fern


  4. Licos



  5. Fito

    A mi me prometieron comics toda la semana y no he visto ni uno D=

  6. Duo


  7. Dragon_Paragon

    Hm. A new rival for Team StarFox?! /dogfight

    Fox: SHOOOOOOT HEEEEER! */jurassic park*

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